ZK-D1065S Price in Bangladesh | ZKTeco ZK-D1065S Price in Bangladesh

ZK-D1065S Price (06 Zone Archway Gate)

ZK-D1065S Price in Bangladesh:

100 adjustable sensitivity levels in ZKTeco ZK-D1065S. Alarm strength indicator and Count statistics of alarms and people. Fireproof material also Harmless to human body. Password protection and Program Self-diagnostic. Six mutual over-lapping detecting zones and also Sound & LED alarm.

ZK-D1065S Price in Bangladesh | ZKTeco ZK-D1065S Price in Bangladesh
ZK-D1065S Price in Bangladesh, ZK-D1065S in Bangladesh

ZK-D1065S Price in Bangladesh, ZK-D1065S in Bangladesh:

Power supply with AC100V-240V and Working temperature will be -20℃~+50℃. Working frequency with  4KHz-8KHz. Standard external size: 2200mm(H)*835mm(W)*578mm(D). Standard internal size: 1990mm(H)*700mm(W)*578mm(D). Package size for door panels: 2260*650*260mm*1ctn. This archway gate Package size control unit is 780*390*250mm*1ctn and also Gross weight in 70kg.

ZK-D1065S Price in Bangladesh:

Price ৳ 58,000.00
Item ID estall352
Brand ZKTeco
Item Archway Gate
Status In Stock
Archway Gate Price in Bangladesh, Archway Gate Price in BD
Archway Gate Price in Bangladesh, Archway Gate Price in BD, ZK-D1065S in Bangladesh

ZK-D1065S in Bangladesh :

Walk Through Metal Detector is mainly used to check the metal items hidden on the body. When the passengers pass through the device, if they carried metals more than preset parameters value, the device would immediately alarms, and display alarm location, let the security guard find the people with the prohibited metal articles timely.

When installing walk through metal detector, it should stay away from the stationary or fixed bulk metal items 50cm; otherwise it will affect the sensitivity, causing false alarm. Metal items such as: aluminum alloy / stainless steel doors and windows, etc.

Movable Metallic Items:

The big metal items can be moved, should stay away from the device about 2 meters to avoid false alarm.

Floor Vibration

The floor should be flat and fixed, to avoid false alarm after installation by the movement of people walking or moving and shaking of metal objects.

Archway Gate Price in Bangladesh, Archway Gate Price in BD

ZKTeco D1065S Fireproof 6 Zones Archway Metal Detector Gate in Bangladesh :

ZKTeco ZK-D1065S walk through metal detector/ Archway gate has 100 sensitivity levels, LED display, Counting with alarm how meny people walk through,
Synchronous sound & LED alarm from detection zone.

ZKTeco D1065S archway metal detector gate has 6 mutual over-lapping detecting zones, high density fireproof material, 100 sensitivity level adjustable, simultaneous alarm from multi- zones, both side LED indicator, password protection, harmless to human body, program self-diagnostic, easy maintenance and replacement.

Archway Gate Price in Bangladesh
Walk-Through Archway Metal Detector in Bangladesh :

Metal density display by 10-level-VU meter, automatic frequency selection feature, 45 sensitivity level, 300 adjustable sensitivity step each, superior discrimination, pin point target location identification with graphical zone display on control unit human health friendly very low-frequency VLF technology, record statistic of operation duration, number of visitor and alarm, real time environmental magnetic noise level graphical display.

35 adjustable audio tones with 10 volume level, five digit incoming/outgoing and alarm counter, four-digit changeable digital pin code and mechanical lock, automatic failure display function on GLCD with continuous self-checking key parameter, 8 cm high plastic footer for sturdy placement, built for 7/24 continuous operation with 60 persons/min speed, 74 cm net passage width and 200 cm net passage height, interference free operation at middle level sensitivity of 10 cm for stagnate metals and 150 cm for moving, audio-visual alarm noticeable at range of 4 meter, micro-processor setting do not change electricity cut-off.

ZK-D1065S price in BD

Walk-Through Metal Detector Archway Gate Supplier in Bangladesh :

Enhanced pinpoint walk-through metal detector archway gate has 33 pinpoint zones, more than 20 standard programs, international security standards, dual detection, advanced broadband detection technology, directional counter, superior versatility, networking ability, IP55 standards.

ZKTeco ZK-D3180S 18 Zone Walk Through Metal Detector in Bangladesh :

ZKTeco ZK-D3180S walk through metal archway detector has 18 detecting zones, 256 sensitivity level and 0-255 adjustable, simultaneous alarm from multi zones, 5.7 inch LCD screen, infrared remote control, sound and LED alarm, automatically count passengers and alarm times, alarm strength indicator on control panel, password protection, easy assembly, harmless to human body, fireproof material.


  • 18 detection zones
  • 256 sensitivity levels
  • Counter for alarm and people
  • Synchronous sound and LED alarm
  • AC100V-240V power supply
  • 65Kg gross weight

Conclusions :

ZKteco ZK-D1065S An archway metal detector gate can protect your company premises or any premises from access to any kind of illegal things like weapons or unauthorized stuff. 6 Dedicated Zone & Fireproof. At the end of the day, the cost is way less than the security it provides, so every business that has people or employees entering and exiting frequently should seriously consider implementing this.