Safeway System TH100100 x-ray baggage scanner

* Multilingual operation
* Automatic built in test and self diagnosis
* Secure access Key
* Threat alert and material classification
* Auto archiving
* Energy saving design
* One key turn off
* Drugs and explosives inspection

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* Indication of the date and time
* baggage counter



Safeway System TH100100 x-ray baggage scanner

Safeway System TH100100 x-ray baggage scanner is the most cost-effective model right for big size luggages  security check in hotels, train stations, logistic companies, etc.


Tunnel   size(mm) 1000(L)*1000(W)
Conveyor Speed(m/s) 0.22
Conveyor height(mm) 341
Conveyor Max Load(kgs) 200
X ray dose per each   inspection ≤3.5 μGy
X ray leakage <1μGy/h at any point 5 centimeters outside the external   surface
Penetration 34 mm steel
Wire Resolution dia 0.127mm copper wire (AWG36)
Penetration Resolution dia 0.202mm copper wire (AWG32)   under three-step aluminum wedge 9.5mm, 15.9mm, 22.2mm
Spatial resolution: Horizontal:dia 1.3mm, Vertical: dia 1.3mm
Power Consumption max. 1KW

Safeway TH100100 Bangladesh


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