Netgear FS208 8 Port Ethernet Switch

  • Choice of Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
  • Energy-efficient technology for power savings
  • Non-blocking switching architecture for maximum throughput at wire speed
  • Fan-less design for quiet operation


Netgear FS208 Bangladesh

Efficient Ethernet Switch

Expand your Ethernet network with the Netgear FS208 Ethernet Switch (White) that offers you its Gigabit data transfer efficiency. This FS208 Ethernet Switch features 8 Gigabit ports letting you connect your computers in a home or office network. The Gigabit Ethernet transfer speed enables sharing of files almost instantaneously between the connected systems as well as allows fast video streaming, downloading/uploading, browsing etc. This FS208 8 Port Ethernet Switch also features a switching architecture of the non-blocking kind to provide you the maximum level of throughput at wire speed.


You would not be stressing your pocket too much with this FS208 8 Port Ethernet Switch. The device comes with built-in power-saving technology ensuring that you benefit from lag-free internet service without any hefty costs.

Quiet Operation

The FS208 8 Port Ethernet Switch has been designed without an integrated fan in its structure so that you go silent when surfing, downloading, streaming etc. on the internet. Compact and light weight, this white FS208 Ethernet Switch can also be positioned as per your convenience in any corner of your room without blocking space unnecessarily.