Charging pile

Exquisite design

Fashion design, tempered glass panel (metal/plastic box)

Strengthen protection

IP54 protection level: with protection functions such as over temperature, overload, leakage, over/under voltage, etc.

Smart appointment

Positioning, navigation, appointment, and real-time query can be realized through APP and small program



Charging pile in  Bangladesh

Number Technical index name Technical index content
1 Rated Power 7KW
2 Product Size 260*365*110/246*3148110mm(W*H*D)
3 Product Weight 5KG
4 Display Method 4.3 inch LCD screen + indicator
5 Host computer communication Ethernet/4G(Optional)
6 Charge mode Auto-filled
7 Start method IC card, WeChat scan code, APP scan code
8 Protective function Short circuit, over current, leakage, overload, etc.
9 Input voltage 220V/AC±15%
10 Input frequency 50HZ
11 Output Power 3.5/7KW
12 Output voltage 220V/AC±15%
13 Output current 16/32A
14 Electric energy metering 1.0
15 Protection level IP54
16 Use environment Indoors or outdoors
17 Cooling method Natural cooling
18 Running temperature -20℃—+50℃
19 Storage temperature -40℃—+70℃
20 Relative humidity 5%-95%
21 Altitude ≤2000 Meters
22 Installation Column or hanging wall
Charging pile in  Bangladesh
Charging pile in  Bangladesh


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