Attendance Machine Bangladesh

Trimatrik infotech providing total automation solution of time attendance machine Bangladesh. The system includes attendance system device from well-known brand with  supporting hardware and software. We provide security system automation for any kinds of Company as they required. In case of attendance machine, the device reads human finger and then save information about that specific person.

Whenever a person comes, he or she has to put finger in device. Then the security system identifies the person whether the person will be allowed to access the area or not.

Attendance Machine is an automated Electronic door control systems which are designed to control the access of people/ vehicles to a secured Area. Attendance system is the most demanding security products for office and industries in Bangladesh.

We are committed to provide you the best solution and service for time attendance system in Bangladesh. Before you make your decision, remember that a bad choice can make your invest nowhere, cause you need a good quality attendance device, a software to generate required report you need, also good after sales service from expert of attendance machine.

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